Black Women Must Unite and Work to Reestablish Our Value

By Queen Attorney Qiana Manns


There is an outright undeniable assault on Black females that we can no longer murmur about, but must now project the cry of our deadly devaluation in our loudest collective voices to the world. Women are living in a state of fear today. Undoubtedly, an insecurity that has arisen from the harsh treatment they receive from police officers paid to protect them and the evil of those whom they expected would honor them. “Only 14 percent of Black Americans have a great deal of confidence in local police officers to treat Black and White Americans equally, compared with 38 percent of Whites” Black Stats: African Americans by the Numbers in the Twenty-First Century. To better appreciate the plight of Black Women you only need to understand that these statistics represent a small snapshot of the sentiments of the Black community which is overwhelming represented by single mothers with deep distrust of those with a duty to ensure they and their children are safe. We have entered a time where we must address this genocidal gender condition in our own community. Our most valuable resource, women and girls, are in need of protection and respect in our community.


It is time to take a united effort to empower females all around the world. The hash tag “say her name” is a cry for the abuse of the female to be recognized and acknowledged. The abuse of Black women by the justice system has created an example of dysfunction that is emulated in the larger society. In Houston and throughout Texas our teenage girls are becoming victims of human trafficking at an alarming rate. Black women are suffering with the highest rate of HIV. Sadly, our girls are more likely to get expelled from school; they are more likely to get arrested; and, are more likely living in poverty. As Reiki Master, Hitaji Aziz, methodically chants in her presentation to an audience of pubescent girls “there are groups of women praying, meditating, planning, preparing, and strategizing to create a new reality for you.” In Houston one of these sacred sister circles gathering to save our girls is Queendom Come.Queendom Come, Inc. recognizes that there is limitless immeasurable value in the female. We challenge women everywhere to become active in their communities and to promote positive feminine expression. Queendom Come is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit female empowerment and mentoring organization with an in depth training academy for teen girls known as ASCENSION SISTERHOOD ADVANCEMENT PROGRAM or ASAP. The curriculum was created with a specific intent to empower girls by glorifying the majesty of feminine expression and exquisite character as the girls are introduced to metaphysical ideas and behavioral modification principles known as the “Rules of Royalty”.


ASAP is a yearlong program designed to take girls ages 9 to 17 years through a series of womanhood rites of passage courses.

These development courses or phases were created by the Queen Team, (Sadiyah Evangelista, Oshea Weaver Muhammad, Qiana Manns, Patricia Davis Muhammad, Wakiti Muhammad), to connect adolescent females with their inner power and divine purpose. ASCENSION IN SCHOOLS is an abbreviated version of the ASAP program intending to meet the same goals and objectives as the original format while integrating educational standards and benchmarks to better equip female students with the necessary 21st century life skills.

Through the assistance of Lawrence Muhammad, Community Relations Liaison of Strategic Partnerships for HISD, Queendom Come Inc. partnered with Principal Duane Clark at Evan Edward Worthing High school located in the Sunnyside area of Houston, Texas to offer the Ascension Sisterhood Advancement program to a group of thirty Ninth grade students for the 2015-2016 school years. The students whom were selected to be in the program were initially invited to an introductory meeting with their parents in December 2015. Thereafter, the Queen Team begin meeting on campus for its monthly three hour training sessions on Saturdays. However, after a few sessions the participation was so low that the Queen Team requested to have the sessions during the week, whereas an adjustment was necessary mid-semester such that ASAP training courses were held during the week near the lunch period. There was a consensus by the Queen Team that the sacrifice from work was necessary to serve the students since more were able to attend the Ascension training during the week. Also, we observed that the girls would look forward to the Queens coming on campus, even if it meant they had to hurry to eat one bag of hot chips instead of two for lunch. The head tilted hot chip bag waterfall made for great impromptu discussion on how a Queen should take care of her castle (body).


The training for the students is always hands on, interactive and fun. The courses include the following: The Queen’s Legacy; The Queen’s Character; The Queen’s Ascension.  These topics developed mind empowering techniques and tools to assist in training them in their maturity from girls to women. Thus, as the director of ASAP, Qiana Manns, goal was to teach the freshmen class about their inherent value, purpose and potential through education and mentoring. By the grace of God, Worthing High School principal has been added Ascension program to the weekly course schedule for the 2016-2017 students. We are extremely excited about the future to work with these young women to help mode them into emergent leaders within their communities as they matriculate through high school.

On July 1, 2016 Queendom Come joined with Bro. Minister Willie Muhammad and Models for Success to take the Ascension program on the road for a one day workshop in Louisiana on the campus of Dillard University. On that celebratory Essence weekend, the Queen Team connected a group of eighty young girls to the historical value of women from Sara Bartman to Queen Latifah. As well as encouraged the love of the sisterhood with presenters that coordinated healthy relationship bonding with group activities and serious discussions. Thus, the impact of ASAP is evident whether it be for a semester or just for one day, the program  has proven to enhance the lives of girls everywhere and because we recognize the “ascension”  with these young women then Queendom Come will commit to continue to serve them, even if it is just to teach one. We can never forget that the value allotted to one female brought in a dogma for the redemption of all of mankind.